The Honey Bun. Who Has the Best?


I have never seen anyone make a homemade honey bun. Could you do it and how is it possible to make one. In my search to find out the validity of said treat I took to the internet to find the best recipe for a home made honey bun. But the only thing I could find were posts on how to make a cinnamon bun from scratch which we all know is not a honey bun. So could it be that a honey bun is actually just a name given by the Little Debbie company for a product they created to market to consumers like myself or could the honey bun be an idea of someone who the companies decide to make available to the public. All I know is that my search continues. I will even try to make my own honey bun from scratch if need be but I know that never turns out the way I want it to when I try to create my own recipe.

The Cinnamon Bun

Although it could be argued that the cinnamon bun is just a honey bun with cinnamon most snack enthusiasts would beg to differ. The cinnamon bun has many different ingredients that make it totally different from the sweet treat that is a honey bun. The only discernible difference we can find is that their are recipes for cinnamon buns all over the web like the video below. If this is any indication as to the validity of the honey bun as a creation of the corporations then the lack of a recipe online is the smoking gun.


Pizza Goes Great With Everything Near Me

deep-dish-pizza-restaurant-near-meAre you searching for the best possible pizza recipe inside good reputation for the planet earth? There are many pizza chefs and eating establishments around who are convinced that they’ve got the “greatest” recipe in making pizza. Making pizza dough is definitely an artform, together some science. Whilst the very best quality pizzas tend to produce particular universal characteristics, pizzas developed by different pizza chefs and eating establishments may have a distinctive taste. A few reviews of pizza delivery restaurants at will give you a good idea of who has the best pizza.

Deep Dish Pizza Restaurant Uses Baking Stones

In case you have a fetish for deep dish pizza, but cannot conjure ways to maintain the rising valuation on ordering one in the bakery, consider buying a baking stone and honing your home-baking skills. A baking stone? That’s right. Hang in there. Well, a baking stone, or what’s also typically called a pizza stone is just a gemstone (including granite or marble) which has a flat working surface at the top. The stones are primarily utilized in preparing baked foods like bread or pizza but are not tied to simply because. Moreover, these so-called stones can even be constructed from other materials like certain, ceramic or steel.

Our Love for Food and Coffee Brings us Here

Who doesn’t love food? It’s tasty and delicious and it provides our bodies with much needed energy to get through the day. But the real bringer of energy is the all powerful cup of coffee in the morning.  There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee to get you up and ready in the morning to handle business. For this reason we have compile several list of the best places to get food and coffee to which we will write about.  Stay tuned here for more information on our next review of a restaurant or coffee shop.